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About Group Inquiries

• No emails are disclosed in this process

• No extra obligations on your side

• No account required

• You control the process and contact only the property owners that you choose

• Our Group Inquiry is a very powerful tool, designed to help you save your time and money. In just a few clicks you will be able to send an inquiry to hundreds of property owners.

Please use it responsibly.

"Name your own price", or "Make an offer" - how the Group Inquiries work

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Don't have time, but still want to get the best deal? Then you're in the right place.


Name Your Own Price. Make an Offer. Submit a Group Inquiry.

Send one inquiry to many property owners at once. Name your terms and price and get the best available deals directly from the property owners in the area of your search.

Save your time and money - Submit a Group Inquiry.


Only two minutes - that is how long it takes to contact any number of property owners using our Group Inquiry tool.

How it works:


Search for rentals with our Cottage Finder or Google Map Search.

For instance: Search for "2 bedroom, Waterfront, Non-smoking cottages in Nova Scotia"

Then click on the banner as shown below from the search results page or on the Google Map;
Click here to submit a Group Inquiry


2 Fill in and submit the Inquiry form. The Inquiry will be sent to all participating properties returned by your Search query. In a few days (most of the time only a few hours), the property owners will reply to your Offer if they are interested;
3 Review the replies and choose the ones that interest you. Respond to the chosen property owners to seal the deal.



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What people say about us and our Group Inquiry feature:

"Just spent about 2 weeks scouring through 736 different rental sites, with everyone's stupid caveats like "should you have a guest you MUST submit written notice 14 days prior to date", or "everyone must be married" .....then at the end of it all found the best portal on the planet and had about 34977 bitchin cottages and their owners vying for us to rent from them
The great part is that you can send a mass inquiry to all the cottage owners that meet your criteria, and add your personal preferences like 'flat land, afternoon sun, etc' Then the ones who can meet your criteria or willing to discuss to accommodate, will email you. "


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